First step

(Version française ici :

Informations about the project here.


Welcome on this blog, the log book of the Chronicles of a European Winter. Here, I will regularly publish news about the progress of the project. This blog is also aimed at been en exchange place between people interested in this initiative : in the comments section, you can share ideas, critics, support…

The project

Chronicles of a European Winter is a project of a radio documentary series dealing with the real consequences of austerity among the people in different european countries. In a first phase, about ten episodes lasting half an hour will take the auditor in Greece, Ireland and Spain to get to know daily life in the countries hit at worst by the crisis.

A full description of the project is available to download following this link :

Big thanks for the financial support !

This project is possible thanks to more than 60 donators whose contributions helped to collect for now almost 2000 euros.

The fund raising optimal target of 3000 euros is still our objective, and donations are opened until novemeber the 27th :

Already big thanks to all the people that helped. More detailed informations about the fund raising will be available when it ends.

Right now, I’m fully at work to prepare the first part of the project : 18 days of shooting in Athens, starting th 4th of december. So in two weeks ! And there is a lot to do…

More news coming very soon.


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