The biggest challenge

Version française ici :

Informations about the project here.


Just two weeks left before going to Athens, and the to-do list is now very clear.

 Top priority : Interpreters !

The most urgent thing is to quickly get language support. My english is okay, I understand a bit of spanish, but I have unfortunately no knowledge at all in greek !

If I don’t want to be limited to a report about english speaking people in Greece, I will have to quickly find people in Athens who can help me as interpreters. It can be english-greek or french-greek. I already have a few contacts, but any tip would be really helpful : I have 18 days of shooting planned, from the 5th to the 23rd of Decembre, and the best would be to be working as much as possible together with someone speaking Greek. If I get to know a few different people that can help for a few days, we could probably organize it good enough so that I am not too often alone… Of course, the collaboration would be much more than just interpreter versus “director”. I would instead be very happy about some kind of co-directing relationship with Greek speaking people.

And the rest :

Some other things will not be a problem to organize : technical preparation, research (I am actively looking for any informations about the current situation in Greece!), looking for places to stay at through Couch Surfing or others, accounting… Nothing really difficult there.

So all tips and informations are very welcome : contact me at

Thanks a lot.


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