Well done

Version française ici : https://coulissesdunhiver.wordpress.com/2011/11/28/bravo/

Informations about the project here.


Everything is coming so fast : just a short week to go before going to Athens, and everything is going on smoothly with the preparation. The fund raising was a big success and a lot of nice supporting messages constantly cheer me up. So, let’s do it !

Congratulations to all of you for achieving the fund raising

The fund raising through the solidarity funding concept of babeldoor.com ended yesterday the 27th of November, and the success was much bigger than I hoped! I have to specially thank Mr. Paul Jorion who accepted to publish my call for help on his renowned website, which helped the fundraising a lot. If you speak a little bit of french, I can only advice you to check this invaluable source of informations about the current events. (http://www.pauljorion.com/blog/)

This success is also a proof that there is a lot to hope from internet, and that when traditional media are maybe endangered, there are also new doors to open and new ways to explore. But no victory claim as long as there isn’t a documentary series to listen to!

Fundraising conclusion

A little reminder : the minimal aim of the fundraising was to get 1300 euros, and the optimal aim was to get 3000 euros.

1705 euros were collected through Babeldoor.com, plus 330 euros that were sent with checks, for a total of 2035 euros collected. I have to admit I hardly hoped to get the required minimal amount of 1300 euros, so the success is total.

Adding a little bit of personal savings, I don’t have to worry and will be able to work full time on this project until next April, five months that are probably necessary to plunge as deep as possible in austerity Europe.

Last checks for Athens

Departure is in just a short week, on the 4th of December to Athens, and the preparation couldn’t go on better. The biggest fear not to find support for translation was overcome thanks to a huge level of solidarity towards the project.

I already have about fifteen contacts there, and almost everyone I communicated with was really enthusiastic about the idea. The average feeling about the situation there seems more to be despair than anger, probably a reason for some people to want to support a project that relates those feelings. Some emails even described the things almost like a psychological depression : a deep despair, no hope in the future, except the one to go abroad for those who can.

The stay in Athens will unlikely be a happy trip, but I hope not to miss some green shots.

More to know next week, and this time live from Athens!

PS : I’m still looking for interesting informations about the situation in Greece. So don’t hesitate to forward me any interesting content! (at this address : europeanwinter@riseup.net)


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