Work in progress

La version française se trouve ici :

Informations about the project here.


After my come back from the three weeks in Athens, and a small end of the year pause, now can start the big work of editing for the first series of episodes about Greece.

Things went on really fine in Athens, although it was a quite exhausting process, running through the unknown metropole for eighteen days, having a huge lot of extremely interesting discussions and many hours of recordings. But things went clear from the beginning : a lot of people didn’t have to be convinced a long time to tell their stories, and the 30 minute appointments quickly evolved to two or three hours discussions. The situation is so dramatic in Greece that people don’t need at all to remind this one another. But that an ear from outside get interested in this is another story, in the hope that the drama will be known somewhere else, maybe nearer from where it is engineered. The support to the project was big, and now gives me the energy to go on fully in this project.

And of course, huge thanks to all the people that welcomed, hosted and supported me during the work, showing even in the biggest despair a generosity and a hosting sense with no equal.

Doing multilingual radiophony…

The biggest question now it to decide how to work out the language problem. Most of my recorded discussions were in english, and some of them in french, after discovering that foreign languages were in average at a much better level in Greece than in the latin countries. The idea to produce original greek-language interviews turned out to be too utopian to organize.

I will then most probably start with an english speaking version, followed by a french dubbed version, and with the hope to get help, offer an international version with subtitles and a video part, in greek, german, spanish and others…

Any suggestion on how to optimize a multilingual radiophonic work will be very welcome, as things are not yet completely decided.

What is in the program

So here I am now, trapped in my home studio, listening and structuring all the recordings done in Greece. I really hope to deliver the first three episodes before leaving for Ireland on the 15th of February. But the load of work is huge, with almost 40 hours of sounds to listen to!

The other big step will be to bring the main website of the project online, where one can find the radio series to listen to or to download.

If everything goes on fine, the first episode will be there before the 15th of february!

In between, I am already looking for any tip that could help in preparing the work in Ireland : contacts, informations, ideas…

More news will come during this month.

See you soon.


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