Looking for contacts in Dublin

La version française se trouve ici : https://coulissesdunhiver.wordpress.com/2012/02/04/recherche-de-contacts-a-dublin/

Informations about the project here.

I will arrive in Dublin on the 16th of February, staying two weeks long. I am now trying to gather contacts there : people who would be curious about the project, and would have time to share thoughts about the matter, and also people who would be ready to tell their own stories to the microphone.

More informations in the document there : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2237586/Chronique_hiver/Looking_for_testimonials_IR.pdf

So spread the word and this document to your Irish connections !

And about the Greek story : the first episode is ready, and will be online in two weeks, when the website is done. Patience…

See you soon.


One Response to “Looking for contacts in Dublin”

  1. Frank Buckley Says:

    Hi there my name is Frank Buckley and I have a project called the Billioneurohouse from 1.4 Billion Euro used notes and would like you to see it when you come over lets know if your interested the ww site is billioneurohouse.com if you would like to have a look at
    Frank Buckley
    ++87 1708412

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