The plan : update

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Informations about the project here.


Months are going away one after the other, spring is coming and the first part of the project is soon reaching an end. Since the return from Ireland, I have a better view of what will be possible to do.

I have until the 15th of April to work on the project. After five months full time on it, it will be time to let the brain cool down.

In the time that is left, it will be possible to finish the editing of the episodes about Greece and Ireland. Normally, episodes 2 & 3 about Greece, and episodes 4 & 5 about Ireland.

So here is a major change with the original project : I will not have time to visit a third country as I originally intended to. But I will accept complaints only from the people who will have listened to the five first episodes in full.

Another change is that I will try to make a real video for the international versions with subtitles : putting some photographic or video content would be a nice improvement.

If anyone has contacts of people doing photo/video works about the same subject, I would be very happy to hear from this.

The end of this season and those five episodes doesn’t mean that the project comes to an end : a second part is in preparation for the next winter. Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Island, Germany… There is so much more to say about the topic.

There are some new ideas for this future step : it would be really nice to produce some kind of video footage that could come together with the radio documentary. And working with other people on this project would be really refreshing : being alone is of course a lot of work, but moreover, I really missed to be able to discuss and enrich the project during the making. So if anyone is curious, don’t hesitate to get in touch. (

But for the moment, there are a few weeks more of hard work. Bringing a new episode very soon !






One Response to “The plan : update”

  1. Frank Buckley Says:

    I will be having my opening of the Billion Euro House in Smithfield SQ Dublin 7 on the 5th of April at 7 pm love to see you there many thanks Frank

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