About the project

The main website of the project is now online, with the documentaries to be listened to : http://eurowinter.wordpress.com/

Short informations :

Chronicles of a European Winter is a project for a radio documentary series focused on the actual effects of austerity measures among populations of different european countries. It will be shot and edited between December 2011 and Mai 2012 in Greece, Ireland and Spain, and about ten episodes of 30 minutes will be regularly released on an audio blog between February and June 2012. The whole project is non commercial and all episodes will be under copyleft Creative Commons license, allowing a free sharing of the content to anyone.

The idea is to get a long-term chronicle of the situation in austerity driven Europe, letting at first the people tell the stories of what they are living. Through those stories, a parallel reflexion will attempt to give some bits of explanation to how we got in such a situation. We also hope gathering innovative reflexions and ideas that try to address the problem and find a way out of the current dead end.

If you want to know more, you can download a full description of the project here : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2237586/Chronique_hiver/European_winter_english_20111119.pdf

For any questions or suggestions : eurowinter@riseup.net


One Response to “About the project”

  1. gReg fawcett Says:

    BonjouR, I am veRy inspiRed,
    How might I paRticipate?

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